Characteristics of school buildings
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1、style ︰ located in the hills, valleys, building an area of huge development into the air, creating Pang momentum, To show the university spirit.
2、comply with the terrain ︰ respect for nature terrain, ups and downs, and create fun.
3、Third, color ︰ with the green mountain slopes, building a "red" color in color.
4、the square ︰ students to open this sitting, meditation, group discussions.
5、promenade ︰ walk, thinking of the space, the promotion of communication lines.
6、sleeper Trail: surrounded by forests, forest bathing, relaxed and happy.
7、a sky garden: far-sight, space, and star gazing full moon, a good place for the liberation of mood.
8、artificial waterfall: water gurgling, sitting spring, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, human and cultural resources.

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