Web of Purchasing


We are responsible for procurement of items at reasonable prices with an eye to simplifying purchasing procedures based on government regulations and offering effective services.



Our team includes one team leader and two clerks . All staff members possess basic government-recognized professional certificates.



1.Formulating and revising purchasing and tender regulations
2.Managing and planning campus resources, tenders and drafting of contracts.
3.Creating and maintaining purchasing management systems to provide university staffs and teachers with convenient services.
4.Assisting in the application of the proper import and duty-free permits and opening of letters of credit, etc.
5.Announcing purchasing-related matters
6.Supplier evaluation, price negotiations and other related matters.


We have strived to team up an efficient and competent procurement workforce to fulfill assorted tasks to maximize benefits to the school by following standardized operation procedures and sticking to the spirit of stringent scrutiny and transparent procedurality. We highly emphasize pursuing best quality of procured items at relatively reasonable prices. To attain best service quality, we adhere to improving our expertise successively and continuing to work hard to create a friendly procurement culture as our ultimate working philosophy.


Location: We are on the 2nd floor of Administration Building Room A202.

Tel: (04) 8511011 ext. 1070,1077,1078


1.In what kind of condition can the institutes independently decide on and finalize the procurement?
A: Procurement of items worth less than NT 10,000 can be handled independently with the executive's nuclear authority.

2.What are the paper color differences when applying for various categories of item procurement?
A:Yellow –colored papers for items purchased with the school fund and pink-colored papers for other sources of funds.

3.In what kind of condition is a “procurement specification form” needed?
A:When the items procured are worth more than NT100,000, a procurement specification form is needed to specify the details of the items. The buyers should not ask to buy merchandise of certain specific models or from certain specific brands.

4. When should the procurement application be submitted?
A: Application for procuring daily items should be submitted 10 days before and the procurement checklist form should be submitted 45 days before to facilitate the Section of Financial and Property Management’s execution of price comparison and follow-up auditing procedures.

5. What should we know about handling duty-free imported goods?

a.Procurement of equipment or articles must be in accordance with “Article 3 of Regulations for Procuring Educational And Research Imported Items”.
b.Application should be submitted before importing the procured items.

6.In what kind of condition are the institutes be authorized to decide on and finalize the procurement?

a. Procurement of items worth less than NT 10,000 can be handled independently with the executive's nuclear authority.
b. The procurement case in which the budgetary funds are stipulated in the first paragraph of the procurement operation method shall be handled by the applicant according to the present Measures or the authorization of the president of the school.