Web of Purchasing


We are responsible for sourcing items and obtaining reasonable pricing, simplifying purchasing procedures based on government regulations and developing effective service.



Our team includes one section head, a clerk and a assistant clerk. All staff members possess basic government-recognized professional certification.



1.Formulate purchasing and tender regulations and revisions.
2.Managing and planning campus resources, tenders and drafting of contracts.
3.Create and maintain purchasing management systems to provide university staffs and teachers with convenient.
4.For purchases from outside of Taiwan, assist in the application of the proper import and duty-free permits and opening of letters of credit, etc.
5.Assist in dissemination and dissemination of purchasing-related matters.
6.Supplier evaluation, price negotiations and other related matters.


Under an exacting and comprehensive purchasing system, create effective division of labor and a strong team. Work together to efficiently complete purchasing requests while giving equal consideration to quality and price. In addition, build an outstanding purchasing culture and seek the best economic benefits for the university. With a deep respect for the professionalism of purchasing work, strive to reach the highest level of service quality.


Location: We are on the 1st floor of Administration Building Room A115.

Tel: (04) 8511011 ext. 1070,1076,1077


1. why authorize the judgement basis that every unit handles by oneself?
A: A: Purchase the amount of money in 10,000 yuan ( Include) And product item belong to school this purchase homework method 17th stipulator outside, handle and purchase by oneself in accordance with executive's nuclear authority.

2.How to differentiate second, please purchase and purchase the receipt and general affairs articles request slip paper and type the color?
A: Purchasing the source of the funds uses the yellowish paper to type for ' school funds ' person, other funds Use the pink paper to type .

3.Purchase the amount of money above a lot of to examine and enclose ' purchase the specification book '?
A: The amount of money of the budget is in 100,000 yuan ( Include) The above-mentioned shopping lists must be examined and enclosed and purchased the detail specification of one of products to narrate, only should avoid appointing specific factory card or type.

4. Must the equipment or article wanted to buy put forward and please purchase the demand a few days ago on demand date?
A: General affairs form is it before one day, please is it purchase receipt is it propose, go on inquiring the price and old nuclear homework,etc. of visiting etc. with favourable affairs group before one day to need to purchase to take.

5. Purchase the amount of money of the equipment above a lot of and must ask three families ( Include) The above-mentioned quotation?
A: Purchase the amount of money of over 6000 yuan ( Do not include)  The above, must examine and enclose three lists of cost estimate.

6. It take to notice those items while being duty-free imported to handle?
A: a.The equipment or article purchased must accord with and educate product studying the articles and importing article 3 of the method and stipulating one. 
b.Must file an application promptly before importing, if had already finished importing and be unable to mend the procedure of applying for.